2003 Olympic Flame “Ares” Blue (CSL) Tryouts

//2003 Olympic Flame “Ares” Blue (CSL) Tryouts

September 12, 2018
With the 2018 CSL season quickly winding down, Olympic Flame “Ares” Blue has already secured its CSL position for the 2019 summer season after a very strong showing among the best teams in Toronto, York, Durham, ECOSA and Sudbury. To continue our great development and preparation for the 2019 CSL outdoor season, Olympic Flame “Ares” Blue will be playing in the Provincial Indoor Soccer League this winter, the strongest and most competitive indoor league in the GTA. As always, “Ares” Blue will be one of the few Scarborough teams to play all winter long in a high-caliber league, against some of the best teams in the GTA. Our commitment to preparing the boys for the 2019 CSL summer outdoor season begins now. Any high-caliber players (including those with CSL, OPDL or OASL experience, or those playing in a Tier 1 league ready to make the leap to the CSL) that wish to have a tryout with Olympic Flame “Ares|” Blue CSL team are invited to please contact Tom Tentoglou (416-721-5800 or tom@2003ares.com) or Paul Gribilas (647-244-7285 or paul@2003ares.com) to find out more about our program and arrange for a tryout this September. You can also visit our team website at www.2003ares.com and complete the online contact form. The following “Ares” Blue training sessions will also be used for the invitational tryouts: September 15 (Saturday), September 18 (Tuesday), September 20 (Thursday) and September 22 (Saturday). If you are born in 2003 and would like to play with one of Scarborough’s perennial top teams this winter at the Hangar and next summer, please give us a call. We are particularly interested in adding a second goalie to our CSL team. If you are looking to step up your training and improve the level of your game, then Olympic Flame “Ares” Blue is definitely for you. Don’t hesitate, or you might miss out on a great experience!

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