Scheduled Hearings

During the OUTDOOR SEASON the SSA Discipline Panel will convene as necessary every Thursday for Hearings and Reviews of Discipline for District Cases. This note is in accordance with the guidelines of OSA Procedures 5.4.1 & 5.4.2 in Section 12: Discipline Policies, on publishing regularly scheduled hearings. In this case every week as required during the Outdoor season from June 1 until November 31st.

Those required to attend will be notified by Telephone and/or email.

Please Note the Following information

Parties indicated on a Notice of Discipline Hearing as, “Parties Required to Attend” must attend the Discipline Hearing at the noted time, date and place and must bring all proper documentation and identification (i.e., Player Registration Book, Team Official Book, or Recreation Team Form).

A registered youth player must be accompanied by an adviser.
Any accused person may be accompanied by an adviser.

An official representative of the Club is required to attend.
This representative cannot act as a witness, as well.

Failure to appear by any of the “Parties Required to Attend” following receipt of notification will result in suspension from all soccer related activities until he/she attends a hearing, as noted in OSA Discipline Policies: Section 9. Policy 8.5.4.

Requests for postponement of a Discipline Hearing must be submitted in writing by receipted delivery service and received by the District no later than four (4) days prior to the date of the hearing as stated on the face of the Notice of Discipline Hearing. All requests must be accompanied by a certified cheque or money order in the amount of fifty dollars ($50.00) payable to the SSA. If the request in denied, the fee shall be refunded. No fee is payable by game officials.

The accused has the right to request one (1) postponement of the hearing in accordance with OSA Section 9, Policy 8.2.1.


The accused is entitled to bring and adviser, witnesses and up to two (2) observers (OSA Section 9, Policy
Witnesses are entitled to attend but, must appear in person. Written reports submitted by witnesses are not accepted unless the witness is in attendance to corroborate their report (OSA Section 9, Policy

During the Indoor season the SSA Discipline Panel will convene as necessary every Wednesday for Hearings and Reviews of Discipline for District Cases, as well as SISL.

SSA Discipline Chair: Michael Smith