SISL Bylaws-2


The SISL Discipline procedures are governed by Section 9: Discipline of the OSA’s Published Policies. From time to time, the league encounters various incidents that do not fall comfortably within the Misconduct structure contained in Section 9:Discipline Policies.

Broadly speaking these situations occur outside the game itself–before or after a game–and reflect various forms of anti-social behaviour including assault, threatening, property damage and unsporting conduct that the league is obliged to deal with.

The league has the right to incorporate its own sanctions for Misconduct that occurs within the Scarborough Soccer Centre and its environs. Accordingly, herein, the SISL states Rule 1 of its Discipline procedures as follows:

1. At its discretion, the League reserves the right to fine, suspend or—if necessary—ban from the Scarborough Soccer Centre any player, coach, other team staff or spectators for activities it deems violate the orderly running of the league and the safety and comfort of all those people engaged in the league as players, officials and spectators.


The SISL has the right to impose fines up to $1000.00 and/or demand a team increase its Bond for actions a Discipline panel concludes fall under this SISL rule (Rule 1).


The SISL has the right to impose time suspensions of up to three months for actions that a Discipline panel concludes fall under this SISL rule (Rule 1).

2. The League Discipline Committee shall deal with players and Club or Team Officials reported for misconduct.

3. The Discipline Committee shall meet as required on Wednesday evenings at 7:00pm at the S.S.C., commencing the Wednesday following the start of the League.

4. The Committee shall consist of the Chairman of Discipline and one or more Committee members.

Clubs shall be responsible for ensuring that any player or official ordered off appears before the Committee on the Wednesday following the week of being ordered off.

5. In all cases of alleged physical assault on a game official, by a player, Club or Team Official, s/he shall be suspended until a Discipline Committee of S.S.A., as per the O.S.A. Constitution has dealt with the case.

6. Any player or official failing to appear as above shall be suspended until the Indoor League in writing receives a request for a hearing.

7. It will not be necessary for a player receiving a caution to appear before the Committee. If, however a player receives three cautions during the season, s/he will be informed to appear before Committee.

8. Players appearing before the Committee may be accompanied and or represented by a team or club official.

9. Any player or official appearing before the Discipline Committee must pay an administration fee per the fee schedule prior to the start of the hearing.

10. Any player, Coach, Club or Team Official reported for violent conduct during a match, who is found guilty of such conduct, may be suspended for the remainder of the season.

11. Players, officials and spectators are allowed to take part in or attend matches on condition that they observe the Constitution of the Ontario Soccer association, the Scarborough Soccer Association and the Indoor League.

12. Every club is responsible to the League for the actions of their players, officials and spectators, and is required to take all precautions necessary to prevent spectators threatening or assaulting Officials and players.

13. No referee, player or official of any club shall bet on any soccer match under the jurisdiction of the Indoor League.

14. Players and club or team officials suspended from the Indoor League shall not take part in any soccer activities until the completion of their suspension.

15. The Indoor League has the right to levy monetary fines against players, coaches, teams, or clubs where it is necessary to maintain a higher degree of control over the game of soccer. Teams or clubs may be required to post bonds for future participation in certain instances.

16. Anyone found guilty and subsequently penalized by the league Discipline Committee has the right to appeal the decision to the Committee of the Scarborough Soccer Association in accordance with the rules of Appeal of the S.S.A.

17. Any Player who plays in the Senior Division and the Over 35 Division and then receives a suspension, the suspension applies to both divisions.


Each protest arising from a game in the competition shall be sent to the Indoor League by Registered Mail, bearing the Postmark within two days of the game to which it relates. A protest fee of ($100), one hundred dollars must accompany the protest, as well as a $25.00 administration fee, together with the Canada Post Registration Receipt, for the copy of the protest.

In all protests, the protesting team must send to the team protested against, by Registered Mail or recorded delivery, within two days of the game to which it relates, a true copy of the protest submitted.

Teams directly involved in the protested game can only protest a game.

In the case of a postal strike, a courier service may be used in lieu of Registered Mail.


Any League, Club, Team or person aggrieved by a decision of the Indoor League, may appeal, if the said appeal involves only an interpretation of the Indoor Leagues Rules and Bylaws, from said decision to the S.S.A.

Appeals of decisions made by the League Committee shall be submitted in writing, by registered mail or recorded delivery, to the S.S.A., and must be accompanied by the appropriate fee in the form of a cheque or money order, together with the Canada Post Registration Receipt for the copy sent, in accordance with S.S.A. Bylaws above, a copy thereof or a recorded delivery receipt.

A copy of the letter of appeal shall be sent by Registered Mail or recorded delivery to the League Committee.

The letter of appeal and the copy must be postmarked no later than five days from the receipt in writing of the decision being appealed.

That individual must make every appeal of a decision involving an individual.

Every appeal of a decision involving a club or team must be made by a member of the club’s, team’s executive.

Any appeal, which is not submitted in accordance with all of the above regulations, will be ruled out of order and will not be heard.

The Association shall hear the appeal within 3 weeks of its receipt.

The lodging of an appeal shall not affect the terms 9 o) and suspensions will remain in effect until the decision of the hearing is released.

In the event that an appeal is upheld, the appeal fee shall be refunded.


The team official must present the Player Books of all players dressed for the game with the game sheet and the appropriate officiating fee to the assistant referee.

Failure to do so may result in forfeiture of the game, even though the game is played to completion.

The team official is responsible for obtaining the player books from the assistant referee at the end of the game.

The assistant referee shall retain the player books of all players ejected for discipline.

The team official is responsible for all the players on her/his team at all times, and shall conduct her/him self in a sportily manner in accordance with the rules of the league, and shall confine her/himself to the bench area along with the players.

The player’s bench shall be deemed to be an area designated as such by the indoor league. Only the players and team officials entered on the Game Sheet are allowed on the bench.

The Clock does not stop unless at the Referees discretion.


A team that wins a League game will be awarded 3 points, a tie will net 1 point a loss will net 0 points.

In case of a tie, the following criteria shall apply:

a. Points

b. Head to Head

c. Goal Difference

d. Most Goals

e. Least Goals

f. Goal average = Goals Against divided by Goals For

g. Draw/Toss of a coin

Rules not covered by the Indoor Leagues Rules and Bylaws, the rules of the Scarborough Soccer Association and/or the Ontario Soccer Association shall apply.